Medical Answering Services: An Excellent Value Added Service

It is almost impossible for a hospital or a busy medical practice to function efficiently without taking the assistance of medical answering services. These services have become an integral part of the health care industry today, which has led to a marked improvement in medical services.

Modern and Traditional Combination

In the earlier days, traditional answering machines and voice mail were largely used to take calls and urgent messages. There was no live person available to answer the queries immediately. However, today is a different story. With the advent of computers and the internet, communication tools have undergone a sea change.

A medical answering service is a fine amalgamation of modern technology and personal human touch. Along with the state-of–the-art technology, the human factor plays a vital role in rendering valuable medical answering services.

How Does A Medical Answering Service Benefit All?

A busy doctor has to attend to a large number of patients physically as well as attend to patients calls/queries. Handling all of this simultaneously is virtually impossible. This isMedical Answering Service where the answering services company steps in and eases the load of the medical practitioner. In this manner, the doctor is able to do justice to his or her profession and can focus on all the patients efficiently.

Similarly, the patients too do not feel neglected, as their queries do not remain unattended. Medical emergencies can be conveyed to the doctor through the call agents of the answering services company. These services are a big boon to the medical field, proving beneficial to both the medical practitioners as well as the patients.

Necessary to Choose the Right Answering Services Firm

A number of factors have to be borne in mind by the hospital/doctor before hiring a medical answering services firm. An efficient medical answering services company should use advanced call management techniques to handle the calls.

The agents need to be polite, attentive, and must also be familiar with medical jargon and health care regulations. A professional company should tailor make its services to adapt to the requirements of the doctor. The company should be reliable enough to handle calls even in adverse circumstances, such as power outages and natural disasters.

Cullens Communications, a professional, friendly medical answering services company, has been in this field since 1989. They have an enviable client list, ranging from individual medical practitioners to large hospitals and health care institutions. They have a team of highly skilled call agents who are trained to adhere to HIPAA rules and other federal regulations. They are reputed for their customized services in different branches of medicine, such as internal medicine, paediatrics, dentistry, and neurology.


Providing Exemplary Healthcare with Medical Answering Services

Providing your patients with excellent care and the right information is what medical care is all about. If you can make life easy for your patients by providing quick accessibility, highest level of medical care and the right solutions to their healthcare issues, you are sure to chart greater heights in your practice. Unfortunately, providing easy accessibility to patients becomes difficult as your practice grows. That’s why smart doctors prefer using medical answering services.

Reduced Costs and Improved Customer Satisfaction

You must keep practice costs low and at the same time provide the best customer service to your callers to be able to succeed in this highly competitive field. Medical answering services help you reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Your calls are handled by highly trained and skilled call answering professionals. It allows you and your in-house staff to focus on the core areas of your service and deliver qualitatively better healthcare measures.

Services Customized to Meet Client Needs

Telephone answering services are popular in many business sectors because it helps administrators and business owners’ deal with the problem of increasing frequency of customer and client calls effectively. The best thing about answering services is that the plans can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your business and industry. Your callers will get the right answers to their queries and can schedule appointments and meetings without any hassle. The answering executives follow a ready script that captures the needs of your business.

The Advantages

Medical answering services help doctors in coordinating appointment scheduling and in providing relevant information in real time. You are spared the hassle of having to attend to routine calls in the midst of an urgent task. The service allows screening and routing of calls that are not urgent to a predetermined staff number. You can be sure that only those calls that require your immediate attention are routed to you.

Remain Accessible 24X7

Answering service works to the advantage of patients and other callers to your medical office. Patients feel assured by the fact that they have guaranteed access to you should an emergency arise. They can also consult you directly for sharing information about patients and for receiving suggestions about first aid or medication to be provided before a scheduled appointment.

Doctors can receive calls and messages even when they are traveling or on weekends and holidays. They can respond to unexpected emergencies and make their services more efficient using quality medical answering services. The services are available to small groups of physicians or large multispecialty hospitals at easily affordable prices.

Answering Services – Better Than Conventional Call Response Systems

Answering Service Medical,professional answering service If you are a medical professional, you will surely have heard other doctors discussing about the wonderful benefits of subscribing to a professional answering service company. These answering services have been designed to help doctors provide their patients with live phone support no matter what time the patients call. Here is a look at what makes these services so great.

Better Than an Answering Machine

What does an answering machine offer your patients? It allows them to leave messages that you can check later. But what if the patient who is making the call is facing an emergency and needs urgent help or guidance? The answering machine is clearly useless in such a situation. On the other hand, a live operator with a professional answering service will be trained to offer the patients reliable information. These operators can also identify real emergencies and guide patients accordingly or immediately connect the call directly to the doctor.

Better Than In-House Operators

During peak hours, your receptionist will not be able to handle the huge number of incoming calls. While she attends to one call, all the other patients will be put on hold. This is sure to frustrate them. If you decide to resolve the situation by setting up an in-house call center and hiring a couple of operators, do know that the cost will be considerable. To keep costs low and ensure your patients get prompt and courteous response to their calls, it is best to opt for answering service medical.

Utilize these benefits of answering service medical to extend your medical services from regular hours to round the clock.

Physician Answering Service: A Boon in Disguise

physician answering service,answering service,professional answering services Among the various professional answering services provided by organizations, the physician answering service proves to be of great help to parties on both sides of the line. In many cases it turns out to be a life saver too.

Benefits of physician answering service

Availing an answering service is definitely advantageous for any business or service providing organization. But, in the case of physicians it goes a step further and helps people in distress.

No missed calls: With an answering service in place, a physician can be assured of having answered every call. No matter how busy he is, he will not have to feel the guilt of not being available for his patients.

Stress reliever: No matter how efficient is a physician, it is not possible for him to be at all places at all times. In his busy schedule attending to every phone call can become very stressful. A professional answering service can provide relief in this area.

Efficiency enhancement: When a physician is assured that his patients’ calls are skillfully attended to by professional answering personnel, he can concentrate only on his present tasks enhancing his efficiency quotient.

Time saving: If a physician has to attend to calls as well as patients at the same time, there can be a great deal of time loss. There may even be the need to do things repeatedly.

Approachable: Every responsible doctor would like to be approachable by his patients at their times of need. But, this may not always be humanly possible. A physician answering service makes this possible virtually. He can be informed of emergencies immediately, whereas other calls can be noted down to be attended to later.

The advantages of a physician and doctor answering service are many. In order to derive the maximum benefits of this service, it is important to hire professionals suited for the purpose.


Features You Should Look For In A Physicians Answering Service

Physicians Answering Service,answering service

Physicians Answering Service

Engaging a physicians answering service is indeed one of the most effective ways to ensure that your patients are being taken care of well. But, once you have an answering service in place, it would have an immensely important role to play. The effectiveness of a service of this kind could end up being the difference between a fatal heart attack and recovering from it in time! Naturally, you would need to engage suitable discretion before partnering with one such service provider. To begin with, you must be aware of the basic features to be looked into.

Features of a Physicians Answering Service

Some essential features would include the following.

  • Voicemail: Although many service providers do not consider it useful to include a voicemail service in their offerings as it may not be the ideal response to emergency situations, including one always has its benefits. For instance, it is the only feature that would allow patients to record messages. It also provides for money savings.
  • Appointment and Confirmation: This should be one of the primary features that fixes the appointments, confirms them, and also ensures that the doctor in question has been informed of the same. They should also provide notices with respect to lab test results and dispatch prescriptions as and when required. This feature would take the additional load of fixing appointments off the doctors, helping them concentrate more on patients.
  • Dispatching Messages: This is a feature that would allow the message received by the answering mechanism to be forwarded directly into the PDA, mobile phone, mail, fax, or whichever manner is more suited to you. This would allow an operator to access emergency calls much more easily.
  • Emergency Notifications: This would be a feature that would allow patients an instant access to doctors if there is an emergency. A system should be set up in such a way so that only the emergency calls would be entertained and the line would remain available at all times.

The role of a physician answering service would certainly be a crucial one. Naturally, a lot of deliberation must go into hiring the right one.

We Can’t Breathe Without An Answering Service, Medical Practitioners Say

telephone answering serviceA telephone answering service, medical answering service, and medial telephone answering have become the survival factors for most burgeoning medicine businesses and doctors. They have themselves started realizing that it is impossible to work in the absence of answering services to help them in attending the untouched customers even. By hiring this service, doctors can take time out for their families as well. This service is proving as the best solution to organize the work more efficiently and feel free at the same time.

Popular Way to Take Care of All Important Customers

Answering Services are becoming very popular among the doctors and medical businesses as they help in taking care of all the customers irrespective of the nature of treatment they want. Similarly, a hospital answering service treats all the cases at par so that every customer feels that’s he is prestigious among all. Whether it is a normal case or an emergency case, none of them have to wait for response of their calls. Their calls are answered instantly, thereby making them happier and satisfied.

Better Profits and Growth

When a customer feels happy and highly satisfied with any service that he has chosen, the service provider gets the benefit of it. It leads to customer retention. Customers keep coming back to the service provider and even suggest others to approach the same place for a particular service. This results in more profits, income, and business expansion to the business.

Reasonably Priced Service for the King

Another point which should not be ignored is the pricing and affordability of an answering service, medical answering calls, and the assistance provided to the doctors in handling customers. These services are pretty cheap and easily affordable by medical practitioners. Without a blink of eye, they can trust it and move ahead.

Live Telephone Answering Service Versus Traditional Call Handling

Of course, it is not possible for doctors to handle incoming calls when examining other patients or when they are out of office or on vacation. The healthcare professionals, most likely, end up recruiting personnel or staff to handle calls from patients. But, this does not serve their purpose. It may not be possible for your full-time staff to attend calls after office hours or on weekends and holidays. Additionally, the long waiting time may leave patients frustrated, compelling them to consult other doctors. In such a scenario, a live telephone answering service comes as an ideal solution, ensuring that not a single call is missed no matter when your patients call at your office.

Benefits of a Live Answering Service Over Traditional Call Handling

Traditional call handling fails when you own a big business. Recruiting a full-time staff just for call handling can increase your operational costs multiple times. Additionally, you can’t make them work more than a scheduled eight hours. While on the other hand, remote answering services reduce your operational costs and enhance the level of your customer service. The biggest benefit is that you are not liable to pay anything extra other than the fixed monthly amount. Besides this, you get a 24/7 call handling service.

What if you require complete patient records, including medical histories, treatment courses, improvements, tests, and frequency of calling? It is impossible to keep track of all such details when you rely on traditional call handling. A live answering service comes with this unique feature and maintains a full-fledged database of your patients, including the frequency of their calls. You also receive an SMS or call if your client needs emergency assistance.

A live telephone answering service helps you provide matchless service to your clients and makes them feel that they are taken care of. It also lets you focus on your core business activity.

Hiring a Hospital Answering Service—Key Benefits

If you are wondering about engaging a hospital answering service for building up on your service brand, you are definitely bang on track. Apart from the fact that a medical answering service would help in catering to patient queries round the clock, there are several other benefits that prove crucial for the success of the business as a whole. Before you decide to invest in a professional answering service, it would be a great idea to come to terms with these benefits for an added impetus.

Ways in Which Hiring a Hospital Answering Service can Prove Beneficial

Some advantages associated with hiring a medical answering service would include:

  1. When you have an answering service in place, doctors would be provided with the scope of doing what they are good at, looking after patients and conducting research activities for coming up with new solutions for illnesses. They would no longer have to worry about making appointments over the phone, attending to sales enquiries and patient calls, and so on. Better focus would ensure better services.
  2. Most of us forget to acknowledge that doctors need to time to relax and unwind, just as we do. With an answering service in place, they would be able to enjoy loads of free time.
  3. Although it might not be humanly possible for doctors to cater to every single patient query, when there is a medical answering service, it makes them feel that they are indeed being made available to patients when there is a need.
  4. Having a dedicated answering service would go a long way in building patient loyalty. Moreover, there would be improvement in business prospects too as positive responses spread through word of mouth.

Provided you have been able to hire a hospital answering service with precision, there would be several advantages to leverage. Engaging one would be more of an investment than an expense.

Answering Services – Who Benefits The Most?

Skeptical about answering services? Imagine this:

You get a throbbing headache in the middle of the night and you want an instant remedy.

Or you’re installing some software and can’t seem to get it right; you need help.

Or it’s your wedding anniversary and you don’t wish to take calls, except the emergency ones.

Answering Solution for All

In all the above situations, a professional answering service is the solution. Today, several industries hire such services to manage their business better and provide efficient customer care.

Some examples are:

  • Doctors need professional assistance that informs them about the emergency calls of patients during the off hours. Also, they need somebody to handle calls while performing surgery.
  • Sales people can avoid missing sales leads during a client meeting, which they cannot interrupt.
  • Sole proprietors can manage their online offices efficiently with virtual answering services. They can expand their business in a short time and manage the growing business with ease.
  • Contractors, technicians, and other similar service providers can keep track of schedule changes and client needs. They can make their services available to their clients on time.
  • Manufacturers can take product orders and keep in touch with their customers and business associates. They can inform their product’s users about the product, its functioning, and features by hiring professionals who talk to their customers.
  • Insurance companies can handle inquiries from customers with more proficiency and also educate people about various policies.
  • Businesses experiencing power outages or other problems can still function well with the help of professional calling services.

In this age of instant solutions, answering services provide quick help to people in need. Whether you need a medical assistance, technical support, educational guidance, or information about a product, there are professionals eager to help you round the clock.

Benefits of Hiring a Hospital Answering Service

A hospital answering service is like a communication manager for a doctor or a hospital. The medical profession, unlike most other professions, is kind of 24/7 service. But, no doctor, by the very nature of the profession, can answer all the calls that come to him or her. This is where a doctors answering service steps in.

What They Do

An answering service receives the calls directed to the doctor and answers on his or her behalf doctor.  It’s not as simple as a friend answering a call on behalf of you. Most answering companies offer a wide spectrum services, including

ñ  answering all the calls directed to the physicians

ñ  answering the calls only when the doctor is busy

ñ  answering only the calls from nonpatients—such as salespeople or charity workers

These companies use advanced technical facilities. That is, they use latest software and hardware for receiving and redirecting calls.

The main advantages of a hospital answering service are the following:

  1. Doctors can focus on their work
  2. Doctors get sufficient time to relax and look after family matters
  3. Doctors feel available to the patients
  4. It can help to Increase the number of loyal patients

Focus on Work

Many doctors who have employed answering services say that the biggest benefit of these companies is that they allow them to do what they love most—treating patients and learning new developments in their fields. Doctors do not have to worry about making appointments over telephone and answering sales-related inquiries.

Relax When not Working

Many people forget that doctors too need to rest and relax. Especially patients never remember this in their urgency to find remedies to their illnesses. Call answering companies talk with patients and patiently comfort them.

A hospital answering service, therefore, allows the doctor to work and relax and, at the same time, allows the doctor to have virtual 24X7 availability. Needless to say, an answering service boosts the number of patients of a physician.